Privacy Policy

Security and Encryption Hajjar’s Big & Tall respects your right to privacy and security when shopping online with us. We use SJIC as a processor of credit cards. By comparison, SJIC supports a minimum key space of 225 to the 2000th power. That is an almost unimaginable number, comparable perhaps to the number of atoms in the universe! This is part of what makes it so resistant to a brute-force attack. It is more likely that you will get struck by lightening once a day for every day of your life than it is for a hacker to compromise our security. This simply means that all sensitive information you enter during the order process is automatically encrypted while traveling the Internet. Credit card information is encrypted as well. This information cannot be read or tampered with during transmission. So sit back and enjoy our web site with confidence. Privacy Hajjar’s does not collect information about you for any reason. Once you have placed an order with us online, your name will be entered into our secure database. This mailing list is absolutely never sold or traded for any reason whatsoever. Our mailing list is simply to inform you of any sale or promotional events. Any changes to addresses, or if you wish to be removed from our mailing list can be done by contacting us via e-mail. Confidence At Hajjar’s, we pride ourselves with the exceptional personal service we offer. Hajjar’s has been in business for over 40 years and our reputation for customer service is second to none. This customer service also extends to our online customers. You will not be treated differently simply because we cannot see your face. Every order, every e-mail is treated with that same personal service that Hajjar’s is famous for. When you shop any of our four locations or online, your satisfaction is our ultimate concern.